After Drishyam 2, Drishyam 3 confirmed. Director Jeethu Joseph reveals climax ready

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Director Jeethu Joseph is basking in the success of Drishyam 2 starring Mohanlal. In an interview, he revealed that he has written a climax for Drishyam 3.

Jeethu Joseph (R) says he has written a climax for Drishyam 3.

Jeethu Joseph (R) says he has written a climax for Drishyam 3.

Director Jeethu Joseph is riding high on the success of his recently-released film Drishyam 2 starring Mohanlal in lead role. At a media interaction in Kerala, he confirmed that he has written a magnificent climax for Drishyam 3. Drishyam 2 skipped theatrical release and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The film has been receiving rave reviews from the audience and critics alike.


Speaking to the media, director Jeethu Joseph said that he has a magnificent climax Drishyam 3. He made this announcement at a press conference at Kottayam Press Club in Kerala.

He said, "I discussed the climax of Drishyam 3 with Mohanlal and producer Antony Perumbavoor and they liked it."

Elaborating about Drishyam 3's shooting, he added, "But, the shooting of Drishyam 3 will not happen soon. It will take at least three years from now for the film to go on floors. Some things still need to be clarified in the script. I will add new things when I get them."

Jeethu Joseph also spoke about the climax of Drishyam 2, which is being hailed by the audience. "A lot of things have to come together to get this climax. So, it is not possible to guarantee about Drishyam 3 now. I am very happy with the discussions happening on social media and I welcome all kind of criticisms."

When asked what he'd do if he had experienced a situation like Georgekutty did in the film, he said, "Family is important to everyone. If I had the experience like Georgekutty in the movie, I might do the same as him. This film is about a murder that was never intended. Therefore, I will not blame Georgekutty for such an intelligent intervention he did to protect the family."

Jeethu also said that he is thinking about the second part of his blockbuster film Memories. "I would never make a film only for business profit and I don't want to be labelled as a crime thriller director. Films like My Boss and Mummy & Me were directed as part of a conscious effort to avoid such a name," he explained.


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