Apple wants students to use these AR-based apps to learn science

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Sir C V Raman was an Indian physicist who won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of the Raman Effect. February 28 is celebrated as

National Science Day

to commemorate Raman’s discovery and


has curated a list of


from the

App Store

, which would aid the development of a scientific temper in children. Many of these apps use the power of AR, which make a huge difference in how children work, learn, play, shop and connect with the world around them
Galileo: For a better understanding of Physics
Galileo will help students get a better understanding of physics with Augmented Reality. In this app, students can place experiments and animated 3D models on a table and explore them by moving around. There are several articles in the


that covers various topics from mechanics to nuclear physics.
ScienceAR: For fun, interactive sessions
ScienceAR is a tool to engage students in science. It is adaptive and can be scaled to any device with a camera — like


, iPad or any other desktop or laptop. It helps in creating a real-world experience effect, it turns lessons into fun interactive sessions.
Earth School: Mini games for learning
Earth School is an educational kids apps containing 14 different mini games, Fun sounds and animations and a kid-friendly interface. It will show the big bang to earth generation — and is an effective way that is at just the right level for them to understand.
The app takes you on a journey of a plant’s life. You can observe the growth stages of the plant from a simple seed and discover how the plant reproduces to form this seed and learn all about the anatomy and morphology of all plant parts with a lot of ease and precision with AR.

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