Bigg Boss OTT Day 37 Written Update: Raqesh confesses his love for Shamita

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Just one day is left for the Bigg Boss OTT finale and the contestants are all geared up to entertain the audience and win the trophy. Bigg Boss OTT finale will air on September 18 at 7 pm on Voot. Two contestants from the show will also be seen on Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 15. On Day 37 of BB OTT, a new task was announced where the contestants had to take one good memory back home and delete one. Meanwhile, the episode also saw Raqesh Bapat confessing his love for Shamita Shetty.

Here are the major updates about what happened on Day 37 of BB OTT.

1. The day started with some cute moments between Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. Raqesh was seen trimming Shamita's hair. He gave her a new and fresh look as they got ready for the finale.

2. Bigg Boss announced a memory task for the contestants. There was a screen installed along with two images (both images were from the past 6 weeks journey in Bigg Boss OTT house). Each contestant got the chance to relive their moments spent in the house. But there was a twist as each housemate had to choose between the two memories, one that they wanted to keep and one they would like to delete before leaving the house.

3. The first contestant to perform the task was Nishant Bhat and he was kept in a spot between Pratik Sehajpal and Raqesh Bapat. He decided to shred an ugly fight and a memory with Raqesh in the house.

4. The second to go down the memory lane was Shamita Shetty. The two situations which were given to her was her fight with Divya Agarwal and her fight with Raqesh. Shamita decided to shred her memory with Raqesh as they are in a happy space right now and didn't want to spoil her mood.

5. Pratik Sehajpal was put in a spot in the memory task. He had to choose between Nishant and Neha - two of his best friends. After a lot of thinking, he decided to shred Nishant’s picture and keep Neha’s memory with him.

6. Raqesh Bapat was also put in a difficult spot as he had to choose between Divya and Shamita. Raqesh chose to keep his ladylove Shamita's memory and shredded Divya Agarwal.

7. Divya Agarwal got the toughest choice to make amidst all contestants as she had to choose between two of her friends whom she equally loves and respects - Raqesh and Nishant.

8. Prior to this, Bigg Boss had announced the debate task in which Divya and Shamita got into a war of words. Divya started her debate saying that she plays the game by balancing her heart and mind. Hence, she feels that she deserves to win BB OTT.

9. Divya also took a dig at Shamita and said unlike the actress, her opinions are never biased. She said that Shamita has always played the game with biasedness. Divya also said that Shamita commented on her relationship with Varun Sood and character assassinated her.

10. Shamita then called Divya 'manipulative' and accused her of creating problems without any reason. She then urged the audience to think before choosing her as the winner of the show.

11. On Day 37, Raqesh told Shamita that he loves her, leaving her speechless. They were sitting on a bed, when Shamita began playfully choking him. “Kill me, I don't want to live,” he said. When Shamita asked what is his problem, he replied, “You are my biggest problem. When I get out of here, I'll have to rely on alcohol to help me bear you.” After a cute banter, Raqesh said, "Je t'aime (I love you in French)." Shamita was left shocked.


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12. Shamita, Nishant, Divya and Raqesh were seen sitting on a bed and having a fun conversation. Divya and Nishant teased Shamita and Raqesh and said that Bigg Boss should close the lights and leave them together alone.

Bigg Boss OTT finale will air this Saturday, September 18, at 7 pm on Voot. With Neha Bhasin out, the top five contestants competing for the trophy are Divya Agarwal, Raqesh Bapat, Pratik Sehajpal, Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat. Out of them, only two will be able to join the Bigg Boss 15 contestants.

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