How Microsoft is making Windows 11 accessible for all

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Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google have been making sustained efforts to make their products and servic...Read More

Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google have been making sustained efforts to make their products and services accessible to all. Reaching out to people with disabilities and improving accessibility ensures inclusion of a wider audience. With

Windows 11



is aiming to make the experience even better.
Microsoft says that it has “reshaped” Windows 11 in a way that it tends to add to the productivity, creativity, and ease of use. While it feels familiar, with a Desktop, Start menu, Search, Taskbar, Settings, there are some key elements of Windows 11 that makes it a presumably more accessible Windows till date.
Microsoft says that it took accessibility into consideration from the design stage, with inclusive design reviews of new and redesigned features. The designing, according to Microsoft, was done in such a manner that facilitates accessibility with and for people with disabilities. Microsoft employed Trusted


conformance tests, usability tests and other processes to help ensure Windows 11 is accessible to most.
Use of assistive technologies
With Windows 11, Microsoft used assistive technologies like Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions and Windows Speech Recognition to support users of various disabilities. From sounds to themes, emphasis was given to make the whole experience better for people with disabilities. For instance, the introduction of dark themes will make it easier for people who struggle with light sensitivity.

Better speech recognition and more
Those who have hearing disabilities, Microsoft has redesigned closed caption themes that are easier to read and customize. Along with all these, multiple sets of users can enjoy Windows Voice Typing, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize speech, transcribe and automatically punctuate text rather smoothly.
Ease of access to Settings
Microsoft redesigned the Accessibility Settings to make them easier to do with. All these accessibility features are available in the out of box experience and on the


on and Lock screens so that users can independently setup and use their device

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