Lee Sung Kyung on her family going bankrupt

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The ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo’ actress Lee Sung Kyung has created a niche for herself in the Korean entertainment industry. However, success has not been easy for her.

Recalling the hardships of her childhood days, the actress in JTBS’s variety show ‘Seri Money Club’ opened up about growing up with financial difficulties. Responding to rumours about being born with a ‘golden spoon’ in her mouth, the actress revealed that her family went bankrupt when she was only four years old after her father lost his factory to a fire accident.

She said, “So, we lived in a 7-pyeong (~249 square feet) apartment until I was in high school. Once, my friend stopped by (my house) to pick up an umbrella and (my apartment) was (small) to the point where my friend asked me, 'How do you live in this house?' I was so embarrassed at that time. Also, when my dad dropped me off driving his deteriorating and used car, I would tell him to 'drop me off over there'."

When asked if she wishes to grow up in a rich family, she firmly reasoned, “Usually, if it's difficult to make a living, the house atmosphere is not good. But our house was always positive and had a goal. It was our dream to move to a 30-pyeong (~1,067.5 square feet) house, so I put up pictures of a model house and a new SUV and always prayed with my family. In the end, would it have been better if I grew up in a rich family? I don't think so. They are memories I am grateful to have.”

On the work front, Lee Sung Kyung last appeared in a cameo role for K-Drama ‘Record of Youth’. She will next star in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Shooting Star.’

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