Maharashtra Police arrests 3 for blackmailing using honey trap

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The Maharashtra Police arrested three persons on charges of blackmailing several residents of Akola district and nearby areas through an alleged honey trap.

The gang extorted lakhs of rupees from victims, polices aid.

The case came to light when a government employee, who was allegedly targeted by the gang, approached the police and filed a complaint earlier this month.

The complainant told police that a woman named Priti Thorat had contacted him over the phone.

The woman initially acted as if she had called him by mistake thecomplainant said.

After speaking to him on a few occasions, the woman asked himto meet her at a restaurant.

On January 21, the woman arrived in a car and the two were having aconversation when three men arrived and pulled out the complainant from thecar.

They started assaulting the complainant, alleging that he had misbehaved with their sister. They also threatened to file a police complaint against him and defamehim by telling people at his office and neighbourhood about his act.

Later, the three men asked the complainant for Rs 1 lakh to stop themfrom defaming him, following which he paid them the money.

Earlier this week, when the complainant found that he had been cheated,he approached the police to file a complaint. Based on details provided by the complainant, police officials nabbedone Akshay Chirande, who then revealed names two of his two associates -- RahulIngle and Santosh Yadav.

During the interrogation, the accused revealed that they had targeted several people from Akola city and nearby areas.

Rajkumar Verma, the president of the jewellers association in Akola, alleged that he was lured by a woman involved with the gang who took himto a flat in the Malkapur area.

There, the three accused reached and started accusing Verma of molestingthe woman. Later, Verma had also filed a police complaint with the police againstthe accused.

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