NCRB: At 39% and 41%, rape & murder see poor conviction rate

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NEW DELHI: Rioting related cases have registered the lowest conviction rate of 29%, according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report for 2020. Heinous crimes like rape and murder, too, have a very low conviction rate of 39% and 41% respectively.
The statistics compiled by the NCRB on disposal of cases by police and courts paint a very dismal picture on the rate of conviction which are indicative of either faulty investigation or IPC sections wrongly imposed on an accused. In 2020, the total rioting related cases taken up for investigation by police was 81,846 and chargesheets were filed in 43,063 cases while 5,19,589 cases were pending for trial. However, the total conviction came in only 4,613 cases.
Police had taken up 50,258 cases for investigation for murder charges and filed chargesheets in 24,015 cases. Murder cases pending for trial were 2,32,859. In rape cases, over 43,000 investigation were initiated during the year and only in 3,814 rape cases courts convicted the accused. The highest convictions (94%) have been in cases related to the Excise Act.


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