Pay Kerala RTO fines easily online, Fine remittance - Camera Surveillance

6 months ago 71

1. Open the MVD website and Check for right side menu >> Online Service   

Direct Link MVD website page

2. Find "Fine remittance - Camera Surveilliance" and click on it. Another window will open

3. Enter your vehicle Reg number in the format XX-02-AA-1234

4. Then click to Go. Now you get a new window with penality details, if your vehicle have any Fine from kerala MVD, Pay the fines through online link given in the portal

5. Then call up the helpdesk number from the website 

Helpdesk Online Services:0471-2328799, 0471-2333317/2333337 Extn 666

6. They will guide you with RTO number to release the vehicle if blacklisted