R Ashwin on Ahmedabad pitch debate: Talk about the surface getting out of hand, we need to get over it

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India's senior off-spinner R Ashwin dismissed the chatter around the pitch used for the Pink-ball Test in Ahmedabad, saying that the talks regarding the surface are getting out of hand. Notably, the Ahmedabad surface received a lot of flak after the pink ball Test ended inside two days but Ashwin reiterated that the talks should be focused on the quality of cricket and not the surface.

Ashwin had a great Test match in Ahmedabad as he reached a milestone of 400 wickets and took seven wickets in the match. Only 140.2 overs were bowled over 4 innings as the Pink-ball Test in Ahmedabad ended in a little over 5 sessions. This was the first time England lost a Test-inside 2 days since 1912 as it became the shortest completed Test since 1935.

"I somehow find it funny that when they speak about the surface, it immediately gets quoted all over in our press and this is the issue here. There have been instances, we have been to New Zealand, where both the Tests got over in a total of five days. There is a video doing the rounds where Virat Kohli is talking in South Africa and he says I am not here to talk about the pitch. That is how we have been taught to play cricket, that's why I say let them sell thoughts, buying is our choice," R Ashwin said during a virtual press conference on Saturday

"The bowler wins the game, the batsmen need to bat well to score runs. Who defines what a good surface is? The seam on the first day, then bat well in the next couple of days and spin on the last two days, come on, who makes these rules? We need to get over it and if you are asking whether the pitch in the third Test was a good surface, I do not see any players of England coming out and complaining. You should be hoping for a good cricket match, not the surface," Ashwin added

"I went through my timeline, I saw many retweets and quote tweets, I don't understand if they didn't get it what they were retweeting it about. It is very simple, I have always wanted to talk about it at one stage. With respect to thoughts being put across and planted, I find it extremely hilarious. You have a thought process and you want everybody to follow, with thoughts, what happens is you condition people to believe in a certain manner.

"You watch a match, India wins the game, at most everyone is saying I am happy India won the game. You don't want people going back home and saying India is not winning the game, the pitch is winning the game. I do not want people to do that. I think it's important that people sell things, but we must know what we should buy," Ashwin further said.

India will head into the 4th and final Test, starting March 4 in Ahmedabad with an opportunity to make it 3-1 and seal a berth in the final of the World Test Championship.

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