Registration for next phase of Covid-19 vaccination on Co-WIN2.0 portal from Monday 9 am | Details 

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People will be able to register themselves for the next phase of Covid-19 vaccination drive on Co-WIN2.0 portal from 9:00 am on Monday.

More than 16,000 private and government hospitals empanelled under Ayushman Bharat PMJAY, CGHS and state schemes have been given permission to function as Covid vaccination centres for the next phase of vaccine drive, starting Monday, March 1.

In this phase, all people aged above 60 will be able to get Covid-19 vaccine shots free of cost from over 10,000 government vaccination centres. Apart from them, this phase will also cover people in the age group of 45-59 years who have comorbidities.

The government has released a guidance note for Co-WIN2.0 portal. As per the guidance note, the schedule of vaccination of eligible beneficiaries is closely linked with the availability of vaccine doses.

"The states/UTs will decide the target number of doses to be administered in a vaccination cycle, based on already available vaccine doses and additional doses like to be available in a vaccination cycle," it says.

"Since, when a beneficiary is being vaccinated with 1st dose, CO-WIN will automatically confirm the appointment of the beneficiary for the 2nd dose at the same vaccination center," it adds.

Vaccination slots

The number of doses to be administered at a CVC in a day including all types of Vaccination Slots. Following types of vaccination slots will be available:

A. Reserved Slots

These can be further classified as:

1. Mobilization slots - Slots for which respective State/UT Government shall mobilize beneficiaries for on-site registration, appointment, verification and vaccination (all on-site on the same day). There will not be any need for pre-registering beneficiaries through online interface for this. Proportion of such slots will be decided by respective State/UT Government.

2. Slots reserved for 2nd dose for beneficiaries who have already received 1st dose, including HCWs, FLWs and citizens, at a CVC. These slots will be filled by the COWIN system based on data available in the system regarding vaccination details of partly vaccinated beneficiaries (such as CVC, Vaccine Type and Vaccination Date).

B. Open slots

Open for online appointments by general citizens. The number of Open Slots for a session will be worked out by subtracting the number of Reserved Slots from the CVC Session Capacity.

Advance self Registration (Online registration and appointment)

1. Registration and appointment will be available to citizens through the COWIN Portal or through other IT Applications such as Arogya Setu etc.

2. Basic demographic details of beneficiaries and details of the photo ID Card to be used by the beneficiary at the time of vaccination will be captured at the time of registration.

3. The list of the CVCs along with date and time of availability of vacant slots will be available to the citizens at time of registration and appointments Guidance doc COWIN 2.0 MOHFW website.docx 7 wherein he/she would be able to choose the CVC of his/her choice and book and appointment based on the slots available.

4. The details of the process for Online Registration and Appointment for Citizens is at Annexure 4 (Annexure 4 Online Registration for Citizens).

Documents to carry

All beneficiaries, regardless of the mode of access, i.e. through online registration or mobilization through on-site registration, must be advised to carry the following for verification at the time of vaccination:

1. Aadhar Card; and
2. Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC); and
3. The Photo ID card specified at the time of registration in case of online registration.
4. Certificate of comorbidity for citizens in age group of 45 years to 59 years. 5. Employment certificate/ Official Identity Card (either but with photo) for HCWs and FLWs.

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