Samsung starts mass production of 90Hz OLED laptop displays

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South Korean tech giant


has announced that it is starting mass production of the world's first 90Hz OLED laptops in the first quarter of this year. This was announced by

Samsung Display

chief executive officer Joo Sun Choi, who said that the company will initially produce large quantities of 14-inch, 90Hz OLED displays that are meant for laptops and notebooks, beginning in March.
“Samsung Display believes consumers will quickly warm to the opportunity to purchase OLED displays offering a 90Hz refresh rate, even though the OLED panels require the use of a high-spec graphics card. In rendering static images 90 times a second, they will make movements look much more lifelike, or snappier, from a colour perspective,” said the company.
Without naming the brands it is making these displays for, Samsung Display said it is collaborating “closely with global manufacturers to achieve a new level of excellence for refresh rates in laptops, beginning this year.”
In related news just this week, Samsung unveiled its 24-inch Webcam Monitor S4 (Model Name: S40VA) that comes with a built-in webcam, speakers and microphone.
Samsung said that it has made this product with the new hybrid work environment in mind. It houses a 2MP FHD pop-up camera and an infrared camera that comes out when it is pushed down into the monitor to make it spring up.
In terms of other specs, Samsung’s Webcam Monitor S4 offers a full HD (1920×1080) resolution, and a 178-degree horizontal and vertical wide viewing angle. The built-in webcam and speakers save port space, increasing the connectivity of the device.
As for the availability, Samsung said that the Webcam Monitor S4 is available in the US, Europe, South Korea and South East Asia.

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