Sanya Malhotra: Theatre has its own charm

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After having to stay away from theatres for a year, film aficionados heaved a sigh of relief after the government allowed cinema halls to open with 50 per cent occupancy. Egged by the outcome, several films announced their release dates and started working towards meeting it.

But now, with the rise in Covid cases, the possibility of another lockdown looms large. Recently, ETimes got in touch with actress Sanya Malhotra to find out what she thought about visiting a theatre amidst the pandemic. Does she feel that people are still skeptical about going to the theatres? “I recently went to a theatre to watch a film and I felt very safe. I am still hoping that people will go and take all the necessary precautions that they are supposed to (use masks, sanitise, wash hands regularly). Theatre ka mazza hi alag hai (the experience of watching a film in a theatre is unparalleled), I was so overwhelmed when I was sitting there after a year,” she gushes.

The actress went on to add that OTT watching comes with comfort but also agreed that theatre has its own charm. “Theatre was the reason I became an actor; it has its own charm. I was so happy watching something on the big screen. Of course, OTT platforms provide you with a lot of comfort but a theatre experience has a different charm and experience altogether.” Ask her which film did she go to the theatres for and she reveals, “I watched ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi’, Seema Pahwa ma’am’s film. It is an amazing film!”

In 2020, Sanya stole hearts with her crackling chemistry with Aditya Roy Kapur in ‘Ludo’, which was a digital release. Ask her if she wanted it to be a theatre release, and she says, “Not really. Because it released on OTT, it reached a lot of countries. As the movie released during the pandemic, it was gratifying to be sitting at home and yet getting to entertain so many people out there, right in the comfort of their homes. It was a different experience as an actor--a much more relaxed experience. It was through social media that I learnt how well the movie was doing and the song ‘Oh Betaji’ became all the rage. So yeah, I never felt that it should have happened any differently.”

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