Smriti Irani leads Parivartan Yatra riding a two-wheeler

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KOLKATA: Union minister


Irani drove a


to lead the BJP’s Parivartan Yatra through the narrow, bumpy lanes of Panchpota in South 24 Parganas, a day after chief minister

Mamata Banerjee

reached her workplace at


riding on an electric scooter.
While Irani’s act drew flak from the Trinamool Congress leaders, Irani said she had no other way but to ride the scooter after the


started raising objections over the Yatra route.
Smriti joined


BJP leaders Rupa Ganguly and Agnimitra Paul at the Gangajora area near Garia on Friday morning and got onto the large “rath”.
Smriti was seen waving at the onlookers and supporters from the


and throwing flowers to greet them when she suddenly stepped down.
Before anybody could figure out, Irani got onto a petrol-run scooter and led the rally. Enthused party workers rent the sky with “Jay Shree Ram” and “Khela Hobey” slogan—now a catchphrase in the battleground Bengal. The vehicle followed her for the next several kilometres.
“Local administration had been making issues with the yatra route and showing a lackadaisical approach in giving necessary permissions. Scooter makes it easier to reach the mass. We will ride two-wheelers, walk on foot because

West Bengal

is on the march towards change,” Irani said as BJP supporters followed her on bikes.
“I want to thank everybody. We are out today to take your blessings. You have already given an opportunity to Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

and during the elections in West Bengal, bless the BJP and the


,” Irani said.
She got on to the vehicle following her after a few kilometres and the journey continued till Bhojerhat for around 20 km.
While TMC leaders termed this a copy of what Banerjee did on Thursday, minister Firhad Hakim took a dig at the scooter ride. "She drove a petrol run vehicle. Clearly, it doesn't matter to her that fuel prices are constantly going up," he said.

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