Surat man makes 5.5kg ice gola with rabri, chocolate syrup and fresh cream. Viral video

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A shop in Surat is selling 5.5 kg ice gola. Rabri, fresh cream, mawa and chocolate syrup are some of the ingredients used while making this humongous ice gola.


Picture of 5.5kg ice gola. (Photo courtesy: YouTube)

As desi kids we have all tried the ice popsicles or better known as barf gola in India at least once. Most of us have fond memories associated with it as a kid. Now, if we tell you that a shop in Gujarat’s Surat has given this age-old ice gola a twist and created a humongous dish using rabri, fresh cream, mawa and chocolate syrup, would you want to give it a try?

Well, there is a shop in Surat that is selling 5.5kg ice gola. The owner claims it is India’s biggest ice gola. Amar Sirohi of Foodie Incarnate visited the shop in Surat and shared a video of the humongous ice gola in the making on his YouTube channel. “India's biggest ice gola. Ice gola dish. 5kg ice gola. Surat street food. Surat famous food. Gujarat street food. Gujarat famous food. Biggest ice cream,” reads the video caption on YouTube.

Not just fresh cream, rabri or chocolate syrup, the man adds different flavours of ice cream, dry fruits, chocolate chips, strawberry crush and several other ingredients to make this mound of flavoured ice. The video on YouTube has over 5 lakh views.

Watch the viral video here:

Is the Internet amused or disgusted with this creation? Well, check out the comments below to see what netizens think about this huge ice gola.

Yay or Nay, what do you think about this viral video? Tell us in the comments section below.

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