Things you must check before buying a new hair dryer

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A good

hair dryer

is a bliss for anyone who likes to flaunt their hair. It can easily dry your hair and can get you those ‘waves’ and ‘curls’ without hefty salon bills. While there are a plethora of hair dryers available in the market in every price range, choosing the right one can be a dreary job. To help you get the right gadget, we have compiled a list of things that you should see in a hair dryer.
Design of the hair dryer should be the first thing that you should look for
A good hair dryer comes with an ergonomic design that makes it handy when it comes to daily usage. It should be easy to get a grip of and the handle should be long enough to provide a gap between your hand and the motor. Weight is another factor that really matters when we are talking about this device as styling hair can take a good amount of time and a heavy gadget can be difficult to hold for long periods of time. Positioning of the motor is also important as it impacts the balance of the device.
Size and power of the motor placed inside the hair dryer
A motor is the most important thing when it comes to the hair dryer as it is the key thing that determines the performance of the dryer. While many think that a big motor is always a good idea when it comes to this device, people usually forget about the power consumption. A big and powerful motor can also add a few bucks in your electricity bill. All good hair dryers use motors that are compact and can be positioned effectively to increase the output.
Heat and power controls that devices offers
Almost every hair dryer in the market gets basic power controls but only the good models come with the option to control the temperature of the air. Different power and temperature combinations are important to style your hair in the desired way. Using a hair dryer at high temperature regularly can damage your scalp and can even burn your hair, hand and shoulder.
Accessories that come along with the hair dryer
While it's always easier to have a device that is simple, it does not harm to get some attachments or accessories along. A good hair dryer comes with various nozzle attachments that control the flow of air blowing out. These attachments are really important when it comes to styling your hair. Although budget-friendly hair dryers get various attachments, it’s difficult to clip them. Premium devices get attachments that can be attached magnetically.

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