Uttar Pradesh: Saifai Medical College professor, his aide arrested in blood smuggling racket case

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The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh Police has arrested two people, including an assistant professor at Safai Medical College, for allegedly running a blood smuggling racket.

As many as 100 units of blood have been recovered from their possession.

Two and a half years ago, UP STF had busted a gang busted a syndicate involved in the purchase and sale of adulterated blood. Since then, the team has been closely monitoring such human blood smuggling gangs.

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"Two people involved in the business of smuggling blood have been arrested once again. The assistant professor, Dr. Abhay Pratap Singh, who was involved in smuggling blood from UP to Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab, was arrested with 45 units of blood during smuggling on the Lucknow-Agra Expressway," an official said.

During interrogation, Dr Singh revealed that he collects and supplies the donated blood for which he has all the documents at home.

When the STF team took the doctor to his Gangotri apartment in Sushant Golf City, 55 units of blood were recovered from his fridge and his partner Abhishek Pathak was caught in the other room of the flat.

The Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) team scanned the documents shown by Singh and found them to be forged.


Preliminary inquiry revealed that Dr Singh was not only involved in blood smuggling but had also been preparing and supplying adulterated blood.

Since people in Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab have a habit of donating blood, there are enough blood units in the blood bank. The doctor buys a unit of blood from such blood banks for Rs. 1200 and sells it in Lucknow and nearby nursing homes for Rs. 4 to 6000.

"Not only this, when needed, two units of blood packets are also made by mixing saline water in one unit of blood," the official said.

Dr. Singh is a KGMU MBBS passout of 2000 batch from Lucknow. He did his MD from PGI Lucknow. He also pursued the course of Transfusion Medicine in 2007.

He also started working at OP Chaudhary Dental College, Lucknow in 2010, Charak Hospital in 2014, and then became a consultant to Neti Hospital Mathura in 2015 and is currently an assistant professor at UP University of Medical Sciences, Saifai, Etawah.

After questioning both the accused, UP STF gathered information about the people involved in this whole blood supply racket.

"Lucknow's Avadh Hospital Alambagh, Verma Hospital Kakori, Nidan Blood Bank and Sushma Hospital were some of the hospitals taking the blood consignment from the doctor, following which now UP STF will launch an investigation," the official said.

So far, the inquiry has revealed that many suppliers from Haryana and doctors from Delhi are also a part of this racket.

At present, the UP STF is going to inspect the hospitals along with the FSDA department. Meanwhile, teams have been dispatched to arrest the people in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi and Lucknow involved in the entire racket.

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