Was called Fatrina, says Zareen Khan on body-shaming and comparison with Katrina

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Zareen Khan is one of those actresses, who despite having a dream Bollywood debut, couldn’t make it big in the industry. Zareen made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in the film Veer and more than her acting skills, her physical resemblance to Katrina Kaif became the talking point. Another aspect that always kept her in the headlines was her weight. The actress in a recent interview talked at length about how she felt when she was compared to Katrina and how body shaming affected her.


Zareen Khan is still clueless how the “lookalike thing” suddenly cropped up. The actress said in an interview with The Times Of India that a random photo from her Facebook handle was circulated even before her interviews were out claiming that she was Katrina’s lookalike. "Yes, in the beginning, it was the whole lookalike thing... Honestly, I don't even know from where it had creeped out. Even before my pictures or my interviews came out, a random picture, from my Facebook account, was being circulated with claims that she looks like Katrina,” TOI quoted her as saying.

"Back then, social media was not as powerful as it is today, and we were majorly dependent on media houses and newspapers. So, I somehow feel that the public was not really given a chance to see me and have a perception of their own. It was fed to them as gossip. Our audience is also a little gullible that way, believing whatever they are fed instead of forming their own opinion,” Zareen Khan added.


In the film Veer, Zareen Khan played the role of an 18th-century princess and for her character, she had to put on weight. This clearly did not go down well for the actress because all that was written and discussed was simply about her weight. Zareen says she was also called “Fatrina”. “It was a very confusing phase for me because for Veer, I had to put on weight. The makers had asked me to put on weight because I was playing an 18th-century queen and they wanted to keep it authentic. That did not go down well, and I was fat-shamed. I was called ‘Fatrina’. Even when I went out for events, nothing good was ever written about me; they would talk only about my weight. I was completely lost. I did try my best by working out two-five hours a day. After being in the loop and the vicious cycle for a very long time, I understood that I'll be a big-boned girl, no matter how much weight I lose. Rather than torturing myself, I realised the importance of my mental peace and that nothing compares to it,” the actress was quoted as saying.


This is not the first time Zareen Khan has opened up about the ordeals that she had to face because of her body weight. Earlier too, the actress spoke about how people made her uncomfortable with their comments about her body. “People around me made me feel uncomfortable and conscious with their comments. In school, whenever students tried to bully me because of my body weight, I would give it back to them. So, after a point, they were intimidated. So, I would say we should rather avoid those people knowing that they are just negative people. I am a wide structured person and I cannot cut my bones off,” IANS quoted her as saying.


Zareen Khan is not the one to be intimidated by trolls. The actress gave it back to them when she was trolled for showing her stretch marks on her stomach in a photo on Instagram. "For people who are very curious to know about what’s wrong with my stomach, this is the natural stomach of a person, who has lost 50 kgs of weight, this is how it looks when it is not photoshopped or surgically corrected," a part of her long note read.

Zareen Khan made her Bollywood debut with Veer opposite Salman Khan. She has been part of a few Bollywood films including Housefull 2, Hate Story 3, Aksar 2 and 1921 among others.

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