We have defeated a much more powerful enemy than Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi

on Sunday continued his attack on Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

and said, “we have defeated a much bigger enemy than this.”
Interacting with academicians in Tirunelveli, Rahul said, “We are fighting a formidable enemy that is dominating money in the country and crushing the opponents. But we have done this before. We have defeated a much bigger enemy than this. Seventy years ago, British was much more powerful than how Narendra Modi will ever be. Who is he when compared to the British Empire?”
Rahul made this statement to a question if there was a possibility for his ideas to be implemented.
“People of the country sent the British back. The same way we will send him back to Nagpur… We will do it without any hatred, anger and violence. They can do whatever on us. Abuse, kick and spit on our face. We will not do it back,” he said.
Rahul insisted on dreaming big. The Congress MP said he wouldn’t have come here and spoken to them if he had not thought that change was possible. He said change could be brought about with the help of people.
“I am trying to put across that you are powerful and valuable in the equation. We have to dream big. May be everything will not be a reality but 60 to 80% will be. It is our duty to dream big,” he added.
Stating that education, agriculture and healthcare are not financial commodities unlike the way the Union government now sees it, he added that India is heading to a situation wherein nothing is available without money.
“There is a place for business, but business cannot dominate education and healthcare as the poor won’t have access to it. Private players are welcome but a large part should be free, high quality and easily accessible,” he said.
On the New Education Policy, Rahul emphasised on consultation with students and teachers. “Unfortunately, it is not done. The right product has not come. Centralising too much power into the Centre is going to damage our education system,” he said.
Education should be a weapon of empowerment, he said and stressed on decentralising education to make it accessible to all corners of the country.
The Congress leader is on a three-day election campaign in south

Tamil Nadu


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