'We see party getting weak': G-23 leaders question Congress leadership at Jammu meet

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NEW DELHI: Some of the leaders from the


rebel group of


on Saturday gathered in


, calling for the need to strengthen the party as they "see it getting weaker".
At a 'Shanti Sammelan' in Jammu on Saturday alongside

Ghulam Nabi Azad

- the leading face of the infamous G-23 grouping of party leaders -

Kapil Sibal

said, "the truth is that we see Congress party getting weak. That is why we have gathered here. We had gathered together earlier too and we have to strengthen the party together."
He praised his party member Azad and compared his role in Congress to that of an "engineer."
"What is the real role of Ghulam Nabi Azad sahab? A person who flies an aircraft is an experienced person. An engineer accompanies him to detect & repair any malfunctioning in the engine. Ghulam Nabi ji is experienced as well as engineer," said Sibal.
The advocate-politician expressed surprise at the party's decision to "free" Azad from the parliament, saying he can't understand why the Congress is not using his experience.
"He is one such leader who knows ground reality of Congress in every district of every state. We were saddened when we realised that he is being freed from Parliament. We didn't want him to go from Parliament...I can't understand why is Congress not using his experience," added Sibal.
Congress leader Raj Babbar, who too attended the Jammu rally, tried to brush aside allegations of G-23 working against the Congress, saying G-23 wants Congress to be strong.
He further said G-23 is "Gandhi 23" and will draw on the resolve and thinking of Mahatma Gandhi to save the constitution.
"People say 'G23', I say Gandhi 23. With the belief, resolve & thinking of Mahatma Gandhi, this nation's law & Constitution was formed. Congress is standing strongly to take these forward. 'G23' want Congress to be strong," said Babbar.

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