Zomato pays out more for fuel costs

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BENGALURU: Online food delivery platform


said it will compensate its 1.5 lakh delivery partners with additional pay to fill the drop in income due to rising fuel prices across the country.
Petrol prices have touched the Rs 100/per litre mark in some cities, while diesel prices are also increasing steadily. Zomato said the revised pay structure will increase the take-home earnings of its delivery partners by 7-8%.
“The recent increase in prices amounts to an additional monthly spend of Rs 600-800 (about 3% of monthly income) from his/her take-home income. A

Zomato delivery

partner typically travels anywhere between 100km and 120km in a day, consuming 60-80 litres of fuel in a typical month,” the company said in a statement.
The new structure is live in about 40 cities and will be expanded to others in the coming week. According to the company, this will not increase the cost of ordering food online for consumers.

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